Welcome To SuperConf

What is SuperConf?

SuperConf is not just a web technology conference. It's an experience.

Design. Development. Entrepreneurship.

These are the things that have been propelling mankind forward since the beginning. SuperConf is a study of that intersection. We celebrate by launching startups, providing workshops & having world class speakers share their insights with hundreds of technologists over two days of perfect weather in Miami.


Startup Blastoff

Startup Blast Off is where 8 new companies launch their products and show off the superhuman technology they’ve been working on. 8 companies will enter, but only one will emerge as the Super Startup of the year and take home $20k in cash and prizes. A panel of top tier judges, made up of founders, angels, venture capitalists & journalists will pick our winner. If you think your company is awesome enough to be called Super, then click here to apply.

Super Workshops

Learn hands on from the leading experts in design, development, lean startup methodologies, and growth hacking. Our workshops will be comprised of 2 tracks: product design & development, and startup growth & analysis.

Workshop attendees will have two 2 hour seminars with plenty of indepth material and direct feedback from experts. All workshops will be recorded and available for free to workshop attendees in the future or for purchase digitally to the public. Workshops will be limited in size, so get your tickets early.

NOTE: Workshop tickets are NOT included in the base price of the conference.


Learning & Networking

Join us as 9 of the top people in the world share their stories and insights on how they achieved startup success. We'll be covering bleeding edge processes, innovation in design, predictions on technology & building massive success. These 9 individuals have all become Super in their own right, and will be sharing their super powers with you.


We have an amazing speaker lineup.

Neil Patel (Founder at KISSMetrics)

Neil is the co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. Through his entrepreneurial career he has helped large corporations such as Amazon, AOL, GM and HP make more money from the web. By the age of 21 not only was he named one of the top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal, but he was also named one of the top entrepreneurs in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Drew Wilson (Designer & Developer)

Drew makes stuff. Some recent things he's made: Pictos Icons & Font Server, Space Box - Payments Made Simple, The Industry - Covering Design focused people & companies, Valio Con - Design & Development Conference, Dialoggs - Real-time group discussions, Screeny - The best screen recorder for your Mac.

Juan Diego Calle (Founder & CEO at .CO)

Juan Diego Calle, a serial entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of .CO Internet S.A.S, the company that runs the .CO top level domain. Under Juan’s leadership, .CO was launched internationally in July of 2010, and has quickly become one of the most successful domain extensions in history, with more than 1 million domain names registered by people and companies in 200 countries worldwide.

Sam Soffes (VP of Engineering at Seesaw)

Sam is a self-taught developer and designer. He's been all over the place working on various iOS and web projects. Before joining at Seesaw, he created Cheddar, a web, iOS, and Mac product for managing tasks that has been featured by Apple in the App Store. He is an avid contributor to open source and constantly posts new things on GitHub.

Kerem Suer (Designer)

Kerem is a designer of digital products in his late 20’s who is little too into simplicity and pixel-perfection. He studied interactive visual imaging and photography in Missouri, and somehow ended up in foggy San Francisco designing things with unbelievably talented teams at companies like Pinterest, One Kings Lane & Zendesk.

John Higgins (Founder & Evangelist at Tropo)

Johnny "Diggz" Higgins, is an entrepreneur, musician, filmmaker and founder of Geeks Without Bounds. In 1999 Diggz co-founded Voxeo and serves as Chief Evangelist for Voxeo Labs’ flagship cloud communications platform, Tropo and its community of over 250,000 developers. Diggz is also a professional dueling piano player and will perform at the slightest arm-twist.

Adam D'Augelli (Associate at True Ventures)

Adam D’Augelli is a Senior Associate at True Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund with offices in Northern Virginia, San Francisco and Palo Alto. True works with promising entrepreneurs at the earliest stages in the technology market providing hands-on management support to guide portfolio companies through the challenges of early growth.

Gregg Pollack (Founder at CodeSchool)

Gregg is passionate about taking complex topics and teaching them in the most efficient way possible. He's helped build a few technology companies including Envy Labs, a Ruby on Rails consultancy in downtown Orlando, and Code School, an online learning platform that teaches software developers new skills.

Jason Webster (CTO at MetaLab)

Jason builds things. From his background in carpentry to becoming a software engineer and the CTO of MetaLab, solving problems is his passion. MetaLab, an interface design and software development studio that works with incredible companies build their products, also runs two products of their own, Flow and Ballpark.

We also have exclusive, 20 student, workshops on Lean Analytics & Growth Hacking being lead by these marketing gurus.

Tickets are $300 & do not include General Admission.

Our 20 student workshops in design cover Designing web applications & crafting interfaces for mobile devices & are being led by these experts.

SuperConf is organized by Auston Bunsen, Brian Breslin & Davide DiCillo but would not be possible without the support of these courageous organizations:

Just a Guy Thing - Online Magazine(for Men)

Vape Craft Incorporated
High Class Vape Company

Top Shelf Barrels(Whiskey/Oak)




Event Partners:

SuperConf connects you with writers from top publications like TheNextWeb, The Industry, Startup Digest & The Miami Herald.

So, what is Startup Blastoff?

Startup Blastoff is where fledgling companies come to prove
they too are Super. Startups from all over the world
come to present their new technologies and
compete for cash and prizes. Companies
must be in the early stages of
development and have
recently launched or
launching at the
event to be

Our expert panel
of judges will judge
everything from the pitch
to the technological achievements
to the market viability of the company
in order to determine a winner. Winners will
receive $20k in cash and prizes. Participants may
receive coverage in our partner publications.


SuperConf 2013 will be at the James L Knight Center in downtown Miami for the first time ever!

Need a ride? Use Car2Go!
Car2go is providing every SuperConf attendee with a free membership & 30 minutes free of driving during SuperConf!

Go sign up & use "SuperConf" to redeem!

Day 1 Schedule

"Workshops (private)"
8:30 am, LAB Miami

Lean Analytics
Alistair Croll is teaching the core idea behind Lean Analytics; by knowing the kind of business you are, and the stage you’re at, you can track and optimize the One Metric That Matters to your startup right now. By repeating this process, you’ll overcome many of the risks inherent in early-stage companies or projects, avoid premature growth, and build atop a solid foundation of true needs, well-defined solutions, and satisfied customers.

Mobile Interface Design
David Elgena & Jason Calleiro will be going over the intracacies of creating interfaces for mobile devices together!

"Workshops (private)"
10:45 am, LAB Miami

Web Application Design
Nathan Barry will teach you a process to identify problem points, plan solutions, and add a layer of polish that will make your product shine. No matter what your role is in the application development process, you can apply these ideas to make a great product.

Growth Hacking
Neil Patel is asking you this question: Do you want to hack your way to success? He is going to teach you everything you need to know about growth hacking as well as provide you with live examples of how you can grow your own website.

"IncubateMIAMI Kick-Off Lunch"
Sponsored by IncubateMIAMI
12:30 pm, LAB Miami

We're doing a free food truck lunch to kick off SuperConf at LAB Miami, generously provided by the amazing folks at IncubateMIAMI. Deliciousness cooked up by Latin Burger, Jefe's Fish Tacos & a mystery truck.

"Startup Blastoff"
2:00 pm, James L Knight Center

We've got 8 companies launching at SuperConf! The companies this year are: Gui.de, Tabber, Feathr, Boatsetter, Seamless Docs, Vinylfy, Pack Photos & Kimetric. They're all pretty freakin' awesome!

"WahWah Electric Bike Giveaway"
5:30 pm, James L Knight Center

In preparation for the Wahwah Bike and Beer Ride in Wynwood, we'll be giving away an electric bike to one of the SuperConf attendees that is going to the Bike & Beer ride!

Register in advance for your chance to win the bike!

"Startup Blastoff Award Ceremony"
5:45 pm, James L Knight Center

The moment of Truth. The end of the day for us, but the beginning of endless hustle for eight different companies! We'll announce who our panel of judges selected for the grand prize of $20k in prizes & cash as well as the runner up for $4k.

"Wahwah Bike and Beer Ride"
6:30 pm, LAB Miami

Wahwah is the evolution of Senzari's music service and to honor its Miami roots, Senzari will be giving members of our community the first ever look into this exciting new service before it launches at SXSW in a few weeks.

Following the acquisition of the award winning Wahwah.fm based in Berlin last year, Senzari has combined the best of its original personalized radio service with Wahwah's co-listening vision. The new Wahwah provides a completely unique music experience. For the first time, users will be be able to experience music together with their friends, while they enjoy their favorite activities around town.

To showcase this technology, Wahwah will be organizing its first "Wahwah Bike and Beer Ride" in partnership with Superconf and our friends from LAB Miami. Participants will meet at LAB Miami on Thursday 21st at 6:30pm, where everybody will get on their bikes and cruise around Wynwood while listening together to the same music. We will then relax at LAB and enjoy some beers and a variety of food from Miami's best food trucks. (we are working to see if we can get some rental bikes at the location).

Register in advance for your chance to win the bike!

Day 2 Schedule

"Check in"
9:30 am, James L Knight Center

Make sure you're at the conference early if you want coffee & bagels. We're going to stop serving them at 10AM on the dot!

"Scaling Passion"
John Higgins, Evangelist at Tropo
10:05 am, Ashe Auditorium (James L Knight Center)

Good ideas are easy to iterate on, but true passion is an irrational attraction to something. How do we harness creative passion and change it into a company that can scale?

"Who the F#@K cares about domain names?"
Juan Diego Calle, CEO at .CO
10:45 am, Ashe Auditorium (James L Knight Center)

Brian Breslin will lead a conversation / open Q&A with Juan Diego Calle, the CEO of .CO on what startups, designers, and developers need to know about the changes coming for branding and naming yourself online. Who the F#@K cares about domain names? YOU DO!

"Designing how we communicate"
Kerem Suer, Designer
11:25 am, Ashe Auditorium (James L Knight Center)

Kerem will be talking about the core meaning of design. There are very few things that differ designers from rest of the people. Designers solve communication problems between non-organic elements and humans, and this is how we shape our future.

"Building Design"
Drew Wilson, Designer & Developer
12:05 pm, Ashe Auditorium (James L Knight Center)

Drew will be sharing his personal experience in building products that carry a focus on design. Expounding on how a good user interface can improve your life as a maker.

Lunch Time
12:45 pm, Brickell & Downtown

Go explore the Brickell area for lunch, there are plenty of really amazing restaurants in walking distance. Hurry though, we're starting back up at 2:15pm!

"The Future of Smart Apps"
Adam D'Augelli, Associate at True Ventures
2:20 pm, Ashe Auditorium (James L Knight Center)

How humans and computers working together represent the next wave of software innovation. With each shift in platform technology, we see a new breed of applications that enable end users to become more productive.

During the 1980s and 1990s, we saw growth of new applications that enabled sharing, collaboration, and communication via the Internet – including giants such as Taleo, Salesforce, and WebEx. Later on, the rise of social and mobile led to the next wave of application giants including Yammer, Assistly, and Workday. Today, we're at the beginning of the next major wave of technology innovation built on the back of data and computer processing – surfaced in intelligent ways to make individuals more productive and effective.

"Building Realtime Apps"
Sam Soffes, VP Engineering at Seesaw
3:00 pm, Ashe Auditorium (James L Knight Center)

Applications are becoming more and more data-driven. Really wow your users by making your data-driven application realtime. Sam will discuss building realtime, data-driven applications with Rails and iOS.

"The Future of Online Learning"
Gregg Pollack, Founder at CodeSchool
3:40 pm, Ashe Auditorium (James L Knight Center)

Online learning has evolved dramatically over the past few years. At CodeSchool.com, Gregg's startup, we aim to create the most effective courses for learning new programming skills. Lets take a step behind the curtain together, see what we've learned, look at a few other startups doing it right, and talk about the future of online learning.

"Software is not fashion"
Jason Webster, CTO at MetaLab Design
4:20 pm, Ashe Auditorium (James L Knight Center)

How pragmatism matters, and how zealotry has no place in software development. A real world example of how MetaLab builds apps, meets deadlines, and gets the most out of its team.

Short Break
5:00 pm, Ashe Auditorium (James L Knight Center)

Short 10 minute break, don't get comfortable. Seriously, we're going to start the last talk in 15 minutes!

"10 Metrics You Should be Tracking"
Neil Patel, Founder of KISSMetrics & CrazyEgg
5:15 pm, Ashe Auditorium (James L Knight Center)

Figure out what metrics you should be tracking to grow your revenue. Learn the difference between vanity metrics including, bounce rates, actionable metrics, and lifetime value of your customers, and how you can use those actionable metrics to boost your overall revenue.

The Official Wahwah After Party
9:15 pm, PAX Miami

The only way SuperConf attendees can get into the after party is by downloading the app.

This is going to pretty flippin' sweet: Wahwah is launching their product at SuperConf. You need to go sign up for the beta in order to get access to it. Don't worry though, SuperConf attendees have an open bar (if the downloaded the WahWah app)! See you there.

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